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Revised Vanitas grid 0610


(by Dodo Dayao)

“Repetition and recollection are the same movement, except in opposite directions, for what is recollected has been, is repeated backward.”


Evenly halved into photography and video sections, with each half broken down further into three, her new show, The Week Ends The Week Begins, is hooked on the process and effect of repetition. It’s all about the push and pull of opponent meanings: invigorating / deadening, maddening / calming, traumatizing / relieving. Repetition reinforcing meaning. Repetition leeching things of its meaning. Repetition strengthening and weakening the hold things have on you. Repetition transmuting patterns until they form other patterns. Repetition calcifying the ephemeral. Wax and wane. Rinse. Repeat. Even the title, which is in and of itself a précis of the show’s thematic concerns, feels like an object of the thrust, the way it’s never apparent if it’s a sigh of resignation or an exhortation, and the way, too that it closes in on itself, like the first circuit of a perpetual loop. There is an appropriate tinge of culmination to the new work, a sense that Corinne is corralling everything she’s done before, albeit deviating at certain junctures into such untapped disciplines as sculpture and collage and video, and giving the hybridized form not only new textures, from sculptural tactility to chaotic vibrancy, but new agencies as well: repetition as imitation and derivation and adaptation, but repetition as obstruction, too, as caprice, as discipline, as form.

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