Corinne de San Jose is a multi disciplinary artist and one of the top film sound designers in the Philippines. She has had several solo and group exhibitions in Manila, Singapore, Paris, and Taipei. She has won multiple awards from different award giving bodies for sound design, most recently from the Filipino Academy of Movie Arts and Sciences, for the film Ang Panahon ng Halimaw (Season of The Devil, by Lav Diaz), and her third Gawad Urian (Manunuri ng Pelikulang Pilipino or the Philippine Film Critics) for the film Respeto.


Her practice not only corrals multiple disciplines, it constantly interrogates structure, form, and process as integral to the work itself. The photographic image, regardless whether it’s static or not, is her base matter, but there is both a self-reflexively sculptural and performative aspect to the work. The image becomes a sort of object that undergoes varieties of alteration which she documents. Recurrence and repetition are constant themes and maneuvers in her work, pre-occupied as it is with gender identity, one’s relationship to the body, the cyclical nature of time and with tapping into the potency inside clichés and stereotypes. She is interested in the emotionality and psychological effects of sound as a tactile medium. She relies heavily on musical principles in her sound work, and uses sound principles in her visual work.